About me


I run. I’m not very good at it. I write about my running. I’m not very good at it. THIS is what the Internet was designed for.

Sometimes I write about races I’ve run and not won. They’re all here.

Sometimes I just waffle on about life, running and everything. That’s here.

The kind souls at So Let’s Go Running occasionally publish my ramblings (along many others) in their lovely magazine written by runners for runners – get in touch with them on that Twitter @soletsgorunning.

And I wouldn’t get much further than my garden gate without the support/arse kicking pace of the Clapham Chasers – if you live or work in the SW London area and need a bit of oomph or like-minded running buddies you could do worse than come along to a Monday night club run.

Finally, for the ramblings even WordPress can’t publish, feel free to follow me on the Twitter @charminglass. I should warn you, there’s a lot more about how much I love toast, hate Reading, and spend time following QPR than there ever is about running. Your call.

Love and laces

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